Integration of Ethnic Communities


While the whole civil society sector in Kosovo remains weak, the Roma Ashkali and Egyptian civil societies’ organizations lack efficiency, visibility, cohesiveness and their voices are hardly heard in decision-making processes. The realization of the right to education for Roma Ashkali and Egyptian youth should be the starting point for the capacity building of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian civil society. The general attendance in compulsory education remains very low, marked by high drop-out rates, especially of girls. The number of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian attending higher education is insignificant, with very few teachers of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian origin.

HLC Kosovo during the 2015, will organize meetings with Roma Ashkali and Egyptian communities’ representatives and cooperatively draft training program for youth of the above mentioned communities. Training aims to empower Roma Ashkali and Egyptian communities youth claim their rights. Seven (7) trainings in different municipalities in Kosovo will be organized, where around 100 youngsters will participate.


Ever since the end of the armed conflict in Kosovo and the beginning of the transitional period, the issues of integration of ethnic minorities and protection of their rights have existed prominently in building a democratic society in Kosovo, based on the rule of law. The huge challenge put before the post-conflict Kosovo society was to find the ways to reconcile the two largest ethnic communities in Kosovo – the Albanian majority and the Serbian minority – as well as building a state free of ethnic discrimination, where members of the ethnic minorities are well integrated into the society.

The project is designed to monitor the implementation of the educational sector of the Strategy for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in the Republic of Kosovo, and to conduct trainings for Roma Ashkali and Egyptian youth, on their right to education, as well as making advocacy interventions for better realization of this right.

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