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Non-formal Education on Dealing with the Past


HLC Kosovo is working since 2011 throughout the Kosovo to reach out high school and university students in order to provide them with the information about Transitional Justice mechanisms. Around 30 workshops were organized during 2014. The overall goal of the project is to include the TJ education as a part of the official high school curricula.

Beside official educational institutions, HLC Kosovo will continue reaching NGOs who are dealing with the past and youth organizations. HLC Kosovo experts will draft three types of curricula intended respectively to: law students; high school students; and general participants gathered through youth centres and NGOs. After the curricula is finalized, HLC Kosovo’s staff will organize meetings with stakeholders – Ministry of Education, Universities, Youth Centers and NGOs in order to gain their support in advocating the inclusion of Transitional Justice as a part of the curricula.

During 2015, HLC Kosovo will conduct 15 more workshops, including 3 workshops with ethnic minority students.


Keeping the Kosovo’s public especially secondary school students aware and active in understanding transitional justice principles.

Promoting the importance of implementation of transitional justice mechanisms such as: criminal prosecutions, reparations, institutional reforms and truth commissions.

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